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The Story of Turtle and Sam


They met in elementary. They went through high school. They met again at work.
They knew each other. They grew together. And they fell in love.



Qs ‘n As
We asked the lovebirds a few questions, let’s see how they match up.

We first met…

Edmund: I guess it would be Father Clair Tipping… she fell in love with my jean shorts and eyeglasses with sporty string.

Sammy: Elementary – gotta love a man in all baby blue errythang  with strings on glasses swag. But I first noticed him when we started working together, needless to say I got no work done there…

On our first date I was most nervous about…

Sammy: Will this even work, will I still have a ride to work the next day? I should kiss him but I’ll look to easy.. ok don’t kiss him him!

Edmund: That awkward goodnight.

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The first thing that attracted me to him/her was…

Sammy: I was instantly attracted to what a gentleman he is. Always holding doors open, giving me the last slice.

Edmund: Was her sweet caring nature. She was really nice to me in the office where we both used to work. Maybe a little too nice…

I knew I was in love when…

Edmund: I knew I was in love when I couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was the first thing I thought of in the morning and the last thing I would think of before bed.

Sammy: I knew I was in love when I would run out of things to say and not feel awkward when I have nothing to say.

The most annoying thing Sam does in the relationship 

Sammy: … everything. It’s my favourite thing to be. He will probably say he can’t narrow it down.

Edmund:  She’s really good at not leaving you alone.

The most annoying thing Ed does in the relationship 

Edmund:  Not being late. Ever.

Sammy: He’s always on time…


 The most memorable moment we’ve had together was…

Sammy: Its hard to pick one so I’m just going to pick the first memorable moment I had – August 7, 2009 – when he finally admitted to liking me it was the most fun day ever hahahahaha (I ship us)

Edmund: All of our trips have been memorable, but the day I got down on my knee and saw her crying was probably the most memorable moment we’ve had together.

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Which one of you will most likely end up in jail and for what?

Edmund:  Sam cause she’s always up to something. Probably for forgery, she’s got good practice dating back to her high school ‘sick’ notes days.

Sammy: Now Ed will most likely say me… for some lame crime but I say different…It’s always the least likely suspect…

In the 90s I was…

Edmund: In the 90s, I came to Canada and tasted my first snow.

Sammy: Learning Spice Girl choreo …how does Britney get her hair like that (Drive Me Crazy video)


What’s your nicknames for each other?

Sammy: Turtle – Edmund was always slow to do anything and express his feelings, he had a shell that I had to breakdown. And he looks like a turtle when he shaves his head, which I hate!

Edmund: I guess it would be babe…

If I could wish for one thing…

Sammy: For more time to spend with people I care about.

Edmund: It would be to never stop falling in love with each other.